Our Senior Master / 香港资深发型师– Willian

Willian, As an owner of 3 salons in Hong Kong and an International Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems, He has over 30 years of experience in full -service hair design. As a first runner-up in the Hair & Make-Up Competition in Maylasia for Evening Party Hair Styling, as well as TOP 10 for Outstanding Haircutting in 1992; He specializes in color, both wet & dry cutting as well as texture services; such as creative perms and relaxers–where precision and detail is the key. His passion is in long hair design (updo).

来自香港的著名发型师Willian, 在香港拥有3间发型沙龙。他是John Paul Mitchell Systems的国际导师,拥有超过30年的发型设计从业经验。在首届马来西亚晚装发型设计大赛中获得亚军,在1992年就已经被评为香港十大杰出发型师。精于染发,精剪,烫发和直发等个性化造型,根据顾客的职业,头型,发质进行极富创造性的发型设计,尤其擅于长发设计。

Our Chief Hairstylist / 首席发型师 — Kim

Kim, our chief hairstylist, is a well-known hairstylist in Houston. She has been in this industry for nearly two decades. Her aspirations to create a world of beauty are admirable as well as her dedication and care towards her clients. In order to provide her clients with the best services and captivating results, Kim utilizes the latest fashion along with the newest and updated equipment. The treatments used are well known and have been proven to enhance the quality of hair so that any style will maintain it’s shape. With her as your hairstylist, you will never be “outdated”.

我们的首席发型师Kim, 是Houston著名发型师。她从事美发行业已有近二十年,其精湛的技术和丰富的经验受到顾客和业内人士的一致好评。Kim一直来不断追求美发的更高境界, 一直在坚持不断的创新,紧跟最新潮流,并能够把对生活的感知和对艺术的遐想融入到发型之中,对发型设计尤其是烫发造型设计有着自己独到的见解。她运用最新的美发技术和设备,使用最好的产品,为顾客打造时尚又不失个人风格的发型,可为您凭添无数自信。